That's made for everyone & hits the spot for special food, skin & hormonal sensitivities.

About Us

The Story of Gold-en est. 2021

In 2017, I began to experience a host of health issues, including brain fog, depression, fatigue, hair loss, joint pain, puffy face and skin rashes. Basically, I was struggling to function at all, let alone at my peak.

Feeling powerless with conventional medicine & a lack of support my symptoms continued to go undiagnosed. So, I took a deep dive into research and experimentation, which led me to an Ayurvedic specialist. Finally, my theory had been validated, that I was experiencing perimenopause, a hormonal imbalance that triggered sensitivity to gluten and dairy, & rosacea, a chronic skin condition brought on & accelerated by a traumatic life event.

Through transformation of diet & lifestyle, incorporating simple daily practices & a holistic approach, I managed to reverse most of the effects 100% naturally. In fact never feeling or looking this good-ever! 

Having a difficult journey, Alexandra wanted to help people by building an everyday wellness destination that's made for everyone & hits the spot for special food, skin & hormonal sensitivities. Developing a new wave of deliciously drinkable beauty & wellness, non-alc boosting beverages with delightful benefits.  "Wellness that tastes so good, you'll want to infuse it into your everyday ritual."

I'm Alex

Our Purpose


Be your most brilliant self
Live a balanced life full of vitality & joy
Respect others & our planet earth
Stay positive, grounded & focused
Bring true beauty into the world


We celebrate Australia’s rich culture, abundance & diversity, believing in equality & fairness for everyone.

We acknowledge & pay respect to the Traditional Custodians of this land, Elders, past & present, including all Aboriginal & Torres Straight Island nations. Our beverages are made in Ballina, on Bundjalung country & our home HQ is based in Redfern, on Gadigal land.


We care about the environment & protecting the future of our planet, by using purposeful minimal packaging that’s 100% sustainable, re-usable, recyclable & refillable. Our bottles are made from high-quality biophotonic glass, wrapped with expandable hex, non-toxic prints & inks.

By participating in our rinse & return initiative, you’ll be helping to reduce waste. Simply drop your bottles off at our HQ or arrange for one of our team members to pick them back up with your next order & receive a discount reward.

We support & seek to partner with local creatives, brands & businesses that ethically align. Connecting customers and community to a more joyful way of living with peace of mind that everything we do is consciously considered. Feels-good for you & our planet.