Re~usable, Recyclable, Repurposed Pop-ups & Packaging ~ Consciously Designed

Re~usable, Recyclable, Repurposed Pop-ups & Packaging ~ Consciously Designed

At Gold-en Remedy Bar, we’re all about sustainability & creating joyful customer experiences.

Here’s what we’re doing ~

Our product packaging is purposefully minimal, using high-quality biophotonic glass bottles that are recyclable & re-usable. Encouraging our customers to bring back their used bottles with our rinse & return initiative, to be hygienically cleaned & re-used. Our delivery packaging is Australian made from recyclable cardboard & expandable hex lining.

Our interactive pop-ups, displays & activations are thoughtfully designed & produced from 100% re-usable & repurposed materials & elements. Sourcing preloved items that are cleverly repurposed & revitalised to create colourful new & tactile experiential events & settings.

At Gold-en Remedy Bar, we believe that businesses have a responsibility to be mindful of their impact on the environment & commitment to the planet. We’re proud to be leading the way in sustainability, while delivering an everyday wellness destination & better-for-you beverage brand that re-energises the guest & customer, travel experience.

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